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    Buletin Utama TV3 14 March 2008

    TV3 news on Maerogel
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    Selamat Pagi Malaysia TV1

    11 November 2007
    UTM di Mata Dunia

    8 October 2007
    Bahan Nanostruktur berasaskan Silika daripada Sekam Padi
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    MARQUIS Who's Who in Science and Engineering 2008

    Professor Dr Halimaton Hamdan, FASc biography is included in the 10th Anniversary Edition for 2008-2009 among more than 40,000 men and women leading today's scientific and technological revolution. Most current biographees of men and women from:-
      Chemical engineering
      Computer science
      Electrical engineering
      Information science
      Life sciences
      Materials engineering
      Physical sciences
      Social sciences
      Systems engineering
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    MARQUIS Who's Who in the WORLD 2008

    Mohd Nazlan is a subject of biographical record in Who’s Who in the World, 25th Silver Anniversary Edition, 2008 for demonstrating outstanding achievement in chemistry with significant contribution to the betterment of contemporary society. Mohd Nazlan is one of over 60,000 biographees in the world including
      Political Leaders
      Religious and Humanitarian figures
      Leaders of large corporations
      Directors of notable libraries
      Heads of educational, religious, scientific, humanitarian, and professional organizations
      High-ranking military officers
      Heads of stock and commodity exchanges, brokerages
      Representatives of economic associations, bank directors
      Philosophers, social scientists
      Directors of energy agencies
      Distinguished professors, scholars
      Writers, musicians, artists, actors, dancers, filmmakers
      Eminent scientists, physicians, judges, attorneys
      Social activists, labor leaders, notable state and territory officials
      Royalty, ceremonial officeholders, and leaders in exile
      Heads of state
      Ambassadors, ministers
      Eminent government officials
      Internationally famous entertainers
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    Mohamed Noor Hasan January 2008
    Associate Professor Dr Mohamed Noor Hasan, the Deputy Dean (Facility Development for Teaching & Learning Unit) of Centre of Teaching and Learning (CTL) was recently promoted to a professor by the Universiti. The Department congratulates Professor Dr Mohamed Noor on his promotion.
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