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  Research in the Department

  Advanced Material
  • Post-Laboratory Production of Amorphous Silica and Synthetic Zeolites from Rice Husk
  • Silica Aerogel (Maerogel) from Rice Husk
  • Ultra Efficient, Eco-friendly Composite Materials from Local Kaolin, Bentonite and Zeolites with Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) for Drinking and Waste Water Treatment
  • Microheterogeneous Catalytic System for Oxidation Reactions with Aqueous Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Mesoporous Zeolites as Catalysts for the Production of Specialty and Fine Chemical
  • Microporous-Zeolite based Catalysts for fine Chemical
  • Zeolite Hybrid Catalyst: Synthesis and Characterization
  • Studies on Supported Rare Earth Metal Catalyst with High Specific Activity and Selectivity Towards Carbon Dioxide Removal Via Methanation Reaction
  • Stability and Comparison Studies of Synthetic Isolated in Inert Matrix and Cationic High Surface Area Metal Oxides using Spectroscopic Method
  • Catalytic Reduction of Nitric Oxide by Carbon Monoxide
  • Synthesis of Non-Aqueous Ionic Liquids Derived from N-Heterocyclic Aluminates Compounds
Analytical Method
  • Development of An Online Solid Phase Disk Extraction with Capillary Electrophoresis for the Simultaneous Separation and Determination of Fungicides
  • Development and Application of New Modified Poly (Styrene Divinybenzene) Adsorbents and Chromatography Stationary Phases
  • Recovery of Chitin and Protein Produced by Solid State fermentation of Prawn Waste
  • Development of Bioremediation Processes for Industrial Waste
  • Arsenic Mobilization in Contaminated Soils and Mine Tailings: Speciation Studies using High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.
  • Development of An Ultra Efficient, Eco-friendly Filtering Process using Local Raw Materials for use in Rural Community Drinking Water Purification and Waste Water Treatment
  • Quantitative Determination of Trace Organic Pollutants in Municipal Sewage Sludge
Natural Products
  • Production and Modification of Phytochemicals from Zingiber Zerumbet and Curcuma Xanthorrhiza: Zerumbone, Xantorrizal and Curcuminoids
  • fication, Synthesis and Characterization of Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Compounds
Solid State Research
  • Ionic Conducting Polymer Blends based on Natural Rubber for Electrochemical Application
  • Corrosion Studies of Alloys for Electrochemical Applications
Forensic Science
  • Development of New SPME Device for the Forensic Detection of Accelerants in Arson Samples
Computational Chemistry
  • Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of Bioactive Compounds in Natural Products
Analytical Services Unit

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